Handcrafted Artisan Chocolates & Pastries,

West Berlin NJ

*All our chocolate may contain traces of nuts and wheat.

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Chocolate Boxes
chocolate truffles
4 dark & milk chocolate truffles
chocolate truffles
15 dark & milk chocolate truffles
chocolate truffles
28 milk & dark chocolate truffles
chocolate truffles
10 chocolate mendiants
chocolate truffles
16 dark & milk chocolates
chocolate truffles
28 dark & milk chocolates

Single Estate Bars
'Maralumi' Dark 64% Cocoa Bar
'Maralumi' Dark 64% Cocoa
Slightly roasted and spicy
flavors followed by notes
of bananas and red currants.
'Maralumi' Milk 47% Cocoa Bar
'Maralumi' Milk 47% Cocoa
Aromatic chocolate with characteristic
notes of bananas,red berries and blue
berries in an herbaceous harmony.
'Vila Gracinda' Dark 67% Cocoa Bar
'Vila Gracinda' Dark 67% Cocoa
Born from a volcanic soil, spicy and
herbaceous notes blend with flavors of
ripe tropical fruits and liquorice.
'Mangaro' Dark 65% Cocoa Bar
'Mangaro' Dark 65% Cocoa
Combination of exotic fruits,
gingerbread and honey followed by
slightly acid hints of citrus fruits.
'Mangaro' Milk 50% Cocoa Bar
'Mangaro' Milk 50% Cocoa
Expresses highly refined blended
hints of caramel, exotic fruit,
gingerbread and honey.
'Mokaya' Dark 66% Cocoa Bar
'Mokaya' Dark 66% Cocoa
This chocolate perpetuates
century-old traditions bursting with
powerful notes of cocoa & fruit flavors.
'Los Ancones' Dark 67% Cocoa Bar
'Los Ancones' Dark 67% Cocoa
A subtle combination of liquorice
wood, red berries and green olives
followed by currants of apricot.
5 Assorted 'Single Estate' Plantation Chocolate Bars
Five Assorted Bars,
'Single Estate' Plantation
Mangaro, Maralumi, Mokoya,
Los Anconés, and Vila Gracinda

High Cocoa Content Bars
Dark 99% cocoa Chocolate Bar
Dark 99% cocoa
Blended cocoa from South America,
Central Africa & Java
revealing deep and dense notes.
Dark 85% cocoa Chocolate Bar
Dark 85% cocoa
Perfectly balanced cocoa with hints
of roasted chestnuts and
slightly toasted coffee.
Dark 72% cocoa Chocolate Bar
Dark 72% cocoa
Velvety chocolate with aromatic
intensity of licorice-like hints
and strong cocoa flavors.
Milk 45% cocoa Chocolate Bar
Milk 45% cocoa
Melt in your mouth chocolate
with hints of
sweet milk caramel.
White Chocolate Bar
White Chocolate
Melt in your mouth
chocolate with hints of
sweet milk and vanilla.
5 Assorted 'High Cocoa' Content Chocolate Bars
Five Assorted Bars,
'High Cocoa' Content
White, 45% milk, 72% dark,
85% dark, and 99% dark

Gourmande Bars
Speculoos Chocolate Bar
Milk with Speculoos
Hints of caramel &
cinnamon, crunchy biscuit
and milk chocolate.
Salted Butter Caramel Chocolate Bar
Milk, Butter Caramel
Delicately salted crunchy
butter caramel with twists
of creamy chocolate.
Hazelnuts Chocolate Bar
Milk with Hazelnuts
Slow roasted & delicately
ground hazelnuts with
crunchy chocolate.
Orange Peels Chocolate Bar
Dark with Orange Peels
Orange peels with distinctive
aromas revealing delightful
acidulated notes.
Coffee Chocolate Bar
Dark with Coffee
A perfect combination of
savory roasted coffee bean
and roasted flavors.
Dark with Cocoa Beans
Roasted crunchy cocoa &
surprisingly fruity
and soft praliné hints.
A perfect harmony of dried
fruits & crunchy texture in
slightly spicy 72% chocolate
Framboise Cranberry
72% dark chocolate with
red fruits & candied lemon with
roasted notes with almonds.

5 Assorted Gourmand Chocolate Bars
5 Assorted Gourmand Bars
Dark with orange,
Milk with caramel,
Dark with cocoa nibs,
Milk with hazelnuts &
Milk with gingerbread

Non-Dairy Bars & Petite Bars
Roasted Pecan and Fig Bar
Dark 55% cocoa with roasted
pecan and fig.
Orange Chocolate Bar
Orange Bar
Dark 55% cocoa with candied orange
peels and toasted sesame.
Almond Bar
Dark 55% cocoa with caramelized
whole almonds and chili.
Crispy Pearls Bar
Dark 55% cocoa with caramelized
puffed rice and cinnamon.
Mint Bar
Dark 55% cocoa with
crystallized mint leaves.
Coconut Bar
Dark 55% cocoa with
coconut flakes.
Hazelnut Bar
Dark 55% cocoa with
glazed hazelnut and sea salt.


Chocolate Novelties
'Maralumi' Dark 64% Cocoa Bar
5 Champignons / Mushrooms
The foot is salted caramel &
the cap is crumbly nougatine.

'Maralumi' Milk 47% Cocoa Bar
15 dark & milk chocolate truffles
Chocolate filled w/ coffee
ganache topped with gianduja.

'Vila Gracinda' Dark 67% Cocoa Bar
Boite de 5 Sardines
5 solid milk chocolate fish
wrapped in painted foils.

'Mangaro' Dark 65% Cocoa Bar

Sucettes Praliné
Chocolate lollipops filled w/ praliné.
'Mangaro' Milk 50% Cocoa Bar
Six 39% milk panetière baguettes

Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Nation (Coffee)
Gluten Free
Rosh a Shana
(Apple & Honey)
(Chocolate Mousse / Caramel)
(Chocolate Ganache / Mint)
Eight Assorted Flavors