Valentine's Day Chocolate

Valentine's Day Chocolate

Valentine Chocolate
Origins of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a very ancient history, most of whose traditions have been lost, but some rituals still exist today, such as sending cards or donating flowers and chocolates. Considered as the feast of already formed couples as much as the feast of those looking for a soul mate, Valentine's Day is also the feast of friendship in some countries such as the United States.

A Saint named Valentine…

The life of the saint celebrated on February 14 is quite mysterious. Valentine would be a Christian priest, died around 270. It is said that he was condemned to death by the emperor Claude II for having consecrated Christian weddings in clandestinity. The emperor had prohibited these weddings while noting that the Christians, once married, refused to join the military legions not to leave their family. Valentine would have died as a defender of love and marriage

Lovers' day

The Valentine's Day festivities were specifically aimed at giving young singles the opportunity to find a partner for life. Different customs existed according to the regions, such as for example the hide-and-seek part where the unmarried young girls of a village hid while the unmarried men made it their goal to find them. The couples thus formed could last the time of the evening or go as far as marriage!

The example of nature…

According to popular belief, the observation of nature designates the date of February 14 as the ideal day to coo. Indeed, the mating season for birds would start on this date! We can then hear again the song of the chickadees, robins, and finches that until then had been cold in the winter. It would therefore be by taking an example from birds that love is topical on Valentine's Day: in mid-February we are already starting to wait for the start of spring and to make plans for the summer.

How we celebrate Valentine’s Day at Michel Cluizel

For us Valentine's Day is the best time to help you delight your loved ones with a unique and inspiring gift. Our "Je t’aime" box is made up of four "Palet d’or" created from a dark chocolate ganache from the "Mangaro" plantation in Madagascar, each decorated with a touch of gold.
The box also contains "Valentin lait" which are chocolates composed of caramelized pralinés with 50% almonds and hazelnuts, and in the middle a dark chocolate in the shape of a heart.

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