ChocoVoice® WinterLand Gift Box

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3D Chocolate Display – the only Chocolate Box with a jingle & Personalized Messaging! When the box opens, your message and jingle play! 

3 layer swivel box with the top layer comprised of 8 premium assorted truffles, dark, milk & white with 2 bottom layers comprised of 7 solid chocolate winter characters & 1 white chocolate bar serving as its foundation. Arrange the chocolate characters in the grooved chocolate bar and create your WinterLand® scene.

Size is approximately 6" high x 6" wide.
Truffles may vary from picture.

Sample Message...

To order, FIRST, place your order and then record your message on your phone and email it with your name & order number to 


How to record & send from (IOS) phone HERE.

How to record & send from (ANDROID) phone HERE.