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Chocolate Museum Tours by Cluizel

Discover, See & Taste!

Cluizel Chocolate Plantation

Discover the chocolate history and how it evolved throughout the centuries. See the wonders of the Plantation & craftsmanship of chocolate. Taste unique chocolates, French macaron, and mini pastries through a privately guided tour. Options include lunch, dinner, or pair the tasting with your very own favorite liquor or wines! See how cocoa pods are harvested and turned into delicious chocolate bars, truffles, and more!

Harvesting Cocoa Pods to Make Cluizel Chocolate


Great for social organizations,
and school trips.

To Schedule a Tour Call 856-486-9292

Cluizel's Pick Paint Eat Activity
Lots of Great Molds to Pick From! Call ahead or stop in!
No appointment is necessary!

A great activity for kids! And the best part is you get to eat your creation!