Artisanal Chocolates or Gourmet Chocolates? At Manufacture Cluizel, we do both!

Artisanal Chocolates or Gourmet Chocolates? At Manufacture Cluizel, we do both!

Have you ever heard of “artisan chocolates,” “artisanal chocolates,” and “gourmet chocolates”? Do you truly understand the meanings of these words? When a chocolate manufacturer claims they make Gourmet Chocolates, what does that mean? Let us tell you how to distinguish them.

Artisan Chocolates:

This chocolate is typically associated with small-batch, hands-on creation, focusing on uniqueness, small-scale batches, and exclusive flavors. Most of the time, it’s a family-owned business. Artisanal Chocolates it’s a wider term and encompasses a wider range of quality chocolates crafted with skill and care, which might be produced in larger quantities while respecting traditional methods. Despite the differences, both types share a common core: Producing a unique high-end chocolate.

Pro: Artisan Chocolates’ charm lies in their exclusivity, handcrafted process, and unique and “new” flavors.

 These qualities often come with a higher price tag, a shorter shelf life and limited availability as chocolatiers might need to optimize their offering.

Gourmet Chocolates:

Gourmet chocolate refers to high-quality chocolates produced with exceptional care, using superior-grade ingredients (like Cluizel, which has the “Noble Ingredients” certification, guaranteeing the use of only pure cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla pod, no soy lecithin or added flavors). It's distinguished by its meticulous crafting process, usually offering unique flavors and challenging textures.

Larger Quantity or Better Quality?

Gourmet chocolate isn't defined by quantity but by its superior quality. It's crafted with precision and attention to details, often featuring exquisite flavor and /or texture profiles.

While most gourmet chocolates maintain a higher quality, not all may suit everyone's taste due to the distinct and sometimes acquired flavors.

Gourmet chocolate doesn't necessarily originate solely from small manufacturers. Some larger, reputable companies also produce “real” gourmet chocolate.

Many artisan chocolatiers tend to focus extensively on gourmet chocolate, ensuring quality through more hands-on, traditional techniques.



Manufacture Cluizel, since 1948, defines itself as both an artisanal and gourmet chocolates producer. It focuses on 100% natural ingredients. From the selection of cocoa beans to the finished products, our unwavering focus remains on excellence of taste.

 In our process of crafting chocolate bonbons, we use upgraded machinery with high sanitary standards and consistent controlling. At the same time, during several steps from making the recipes to the decorating stage, our chocolatiers handcraft each product, dedicating care and attention to every bonbon and molding.


CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE BOX- MILK & DARK, 8: Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box, 8 – Chocolat Michel Cluizel


CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE BOX DARK, 48 pcs: Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box, 48 – Chocolat Michel Cluizel

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