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A French Tradition! The King’s Cake




By Noël Duan

It’s a well-known fact that sardines are good for your health. What’s less well-known is that they’re good for your style. 

Last autumn I visited the legendary Printemps department store in Paris, and was cajoled into buying two sets of Velcro-adhesive patches in the shape of silver-and-blue sardines. “Very stylish,” the gamine sales associate told me. “You can wear them on your felt hats.” I didn’t—and don’t—own any felt hats, but at that very moment, I realized the French were ahead of trends again: sardines are chic. You shouldn’t just be eating, you should be wearing them.

Soon afterward at a Parisian chocolate shop by the Seine, I bought several tins of sardine-shaped chocolates from Michel Cluizel. These will make hilarious gag gifts, I thought, though I never found out because I ate them all before I got home. read more...

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Our Custom Pope Frances Chocolate Bar as Seen on Channel 6 News!

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Time to Eat Chocolate Cluizel Review
Chocolat Michel Cluizel Mint Bar“Tastes like Christmas.” Those were my boyfriend’s words when we were trying this bar  I actually was reminded of a mint mojito minus the rum and lime. I originally bought the bar because I hadn’t tried Michel Cluizel before, and I had never seen a chocolate bar with a humongous mint leaf on the back. My first bite was of the dark chocolate on its own. It tasted very smooth and velvety with bits of possibly mint infused sugar. This bar also thankfully was not acidic in flavor at all. When it came to the part where the mint leaf lay, the sugar gave nice crunchy texture and the mint flavor was very much apparent but did not overpower the dark chocolate flavor itself. We clearly liked this bar because we almost ate the whole thing while “sampling” it ;D read more


Cluizel Chocolate Novelties

The Nibble review of Chococlat Michel Cluizel

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Michel Cluizel Madison Avenue New York City


I had the chance to visit one of my favorite chocolate shops when in the city in December, Michel Cluizel. They just recently moved from 5th Avenue to Madison Ave and East 35th Street. I really like the new area, near the Morgan Library, Empire State Building and Macys! They are not only a chocolate shop, but a cafe as well, which makes everyone just so darn happy! Michel Cluizel has been making chocolate since 1948, and it is quite the most amazing! Let's take a peek into the new cafe: read more...

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What NJ Monthly says about Chocolat Michel Cluizel

Published on Nov 25, 2015 Chef David from the Kimberly Hotel of New York prepares chocolate bars out of soufflétine, Mangaro milk 50% Chocolate (both Michel Cluizel products) and toasted pecans:

Michel Cluizel chocolates venture into WilliamsburgFrench Morning interview with Jacques Dahan of Chocolat Michel Cluizel

" It took a while to open but we are happy with the result ." President of Manufacture Cluizel  (formerly Michel Cluizel) in the United States, Jacques Dahan is very proud of the new shop of the French family chocolate factory in Williamsburg.

First shop outside Manhattan, and second in New York after Madison Avenue, the new space opened on Bedford Avenue, near the junction with Grand Street. " It happened quite by chance, during a prospecting visit in the area. I saw this vibrant, young street. It's a neighborhood that goes up. I said to myself: let's not be left behind, explains the boss, who has been working in chocolate for thirty years.

For this new boutique, the brand created in 1948 in Danville (Normandy) chose to do differently by betting on the taste of New Yorkers for the experiments. It includes a restaurant area decorated with photos of Paris and with thirty seats. Jacques Dahan wants to use it to develop events for the " French and all those who love the Parisian atmosphere ".

At the bottom of the shop, a small room with a long metal table will be used to organize tasting workshops or pastries for individuals and businesses. " The idea develops Jacques Dahan, is to see how to interest a young clientele while keeping our French brand identity. It is important for Manufacture Cluizel to wonder how to rejuvenate our image. Our usual clientele is 40-60 years old. She is very well off. Williamsburg is very young and trendy .

The chocolate factory intends to be more than a chocolate factory. In addition to the chocolate products that make the brand famous in France, the shop offers macaroons and other pastries. Soon, " sandwiches, crepes, salads Nice and Parisian " will be on sale. " Pure chocolate is not a 100% American concept, especially in the high end.Otherwise, it is necessary to go down in the low end by proposing candies or pretzels coated with chocolate as we are sometimes asked ".

Even if " a big part " of the Manufacture Cluizel activity passes by resellers, the shops serve to create a " showcase ". " We are not going to open dozens, warns Jacques Dahan. We must already digest the two we have. " In addition to its outlets on Madison Avenue and Williamsburg, the company also operates a "Chocolatrium" in West Berlin, New Jersey.

Better Than Anything I've Ever Tasted! 98 points. 

I'm grateful to for leading me to this bar, which popped out at me from the "new arrivals" (Neuheiten) section.  Of the several new bars I ordered, this one stands out distinctly from the crowd.  It won the 2013 Academy of Chocolate Silver award for best
dark chocolate bean-to-bar.  This is well-deserved, and I am going even further in my own review (which, of course, was done in isolation and not in comparison with the other top chocolate contenders) and give it my highest category rating: Better Than Anything I've Ever Tasted.

What makes this bar so special?  First, only the tiniest fragment is enough to completely fill your mouth with an explosion of flavour.  It has an unusual flavour profile and doesn't easily fit into a pre-made box, i.e. I couldn't say "it tastes like lime, papaya, leather and wet tobacco - trinitario" or "it tastes like vanilla, marshmallow and cocoa - forastero".  In fact, it was so difficult for me to isolate the flavours that I gave a piece to my husband, who found it dominated by black currant, with clay and malt in the very long end of mouth.  When I gave my mother (a chocolate neophyte) a piece and asked her what she tasted, she replied "what flavor is not in there!"
Much like a mood ring, this chocolate changes colour for each different person and indeed each individual tasting.  This is a chocolate that keeps you guessing, and that is a rare and precious thing.

In the nose (first smell before tasting) I detected salted liquorice (salmiak) and a very slight mocha, followed by a creamy blackberry vanilla base and ending in an extremely long and satisfying malty, fresh buttered bread end of mouth with absolutely no bitterness.  Wonderful.

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Take your party on a private guided tour of this beautiful chocolate museum. The classic tour includes an educational experience on the history and production of this sought-after treat. The last part of the tour features an assortment of chocolate to taste, including a decadent, homemade ganache. Tours are by appointment only and require a minimum of 15 guests per party. The tour lasts for about 1 to 2 hours with a lunch option available.

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