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Travel on a privately guided tour and experience the world of chocolate! Explore its journey, who discovered it and how it evolved throughout the centuries. Enjoy chocolate tasting like fine wine, or maybe bring your favorite Cabernet or Chablis. We'll pair it with Mokaya dark, Mangaro milk or Elianza white with a French-inspired lunch or dinner— taste, see and discover! Our goal is for you to have a unique and enjoyable experience. Therefore, we can adjust your tour and menus below. All our tours are educational, fun and full of chocolates & pastries, great for school trips and company outings!

*All our chocolate is soy free and peanut free, made with genuine Bourbon vanilla bean, pure cocoa butter, and no artificial flavorings. May contain traces of nuts and gluten.

Chocolate Tours by Cluizel


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Tours are by appointment only & range from 1 - 2 plus hours. Sundays may be available.

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Store & Museum
From Route 73: Cooper Run Executive Park • 575 Route 73 North • Building D • West Berlin NJ 08091

From Cooper Road: Cooper Run Executive Park • 53 Cooper Road • Building D • West Berlin NJ 08091
Store Hours:
Monday -Friday: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed



paint your palate
Lots of great molds to choose from and fun colors to paint them with. And best of all – you get to eat it! Get family and friends together and get creative! No appointment necessary, but if you have a time in mind you can book online with the link below or just give us a call. See you soon!

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