Personal Messaging in a Chocolate Box

Personal Messaging in a Chocolate Box

This stunning new chocolate box, ChocoVoice® WinterLand, will truly surprise your friends and loved ones when they open it. Chocolate aromas from various plantations will entice their taste buds while hearing your recorded voice message over a Christmas jingle! Talk about personalization! Simply record your message on your phone and email it to us, we’ll do the rest. Everyone will have fun setting up these solid 2D chocolate characters and build the most beautiful winter wonderland scene in a grooved white chocolate bar. Eight gourmet truffles, dark, milk, and white accompany this beautiful centerpiece so there's plenty of variety for all chocolate lovers.


  • Janet S.

    I think they were selling them for around $75.00 and that was including your personal message. I friend of mine received one for Christmas. It really is very nice and the recorded message was quite a surprise and fun. I was also told the chocolate was exceptional.

  • Margaret J Mushinski

    I am wondering how much does this cost.

  • Katie

    This is so amazing! I’ve never seen anything like this, ever. I have family spread over a few states which makes it hard to get together as often as we’d like to. So this will be a super surprise for them and tasty delight for Christmas. Keep up the good work, Cluizel!👍

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