What is Nougatine?

What is Nougatine?

Nougatine is a confectionery that was first created in the 1850s by French confectioner Jean-Louis-Bourumeau in Nevers.

“Nougatine” refers to a clear or light-brown nut-based bark obtained by cooking sugar until converted into caramel. (Not to be confused with nougat which is a sweet made from egg whites, sugar, honey and nuts). If “nougat” is often consumed as is, it is rarely the case for nougatine which you can find in many desserts, pastries and chocolate confections. In fact, nougatine in often considered a base ingredient for French Pastries & Chocolatiers.

At Manufacture CLUIZEL, we create our own filling recipes, including nougatine

Our nougatine is handmade, fine, airy, and truly mind-blowing. It is 100% natural and particularly complex. Whether thin or thick, flat or curved, its taste is always amazing. After carefully bringing the caramel to a "soft boil", we incorporate the almond bits before letting it cool down a bit to shape it to sumptuous sweets!  While hot, it is relatively easy to manipulate for Pastry Chefs and Chocolatiers to shape it as desired.

soft nougatine

You can taste our nougatine in some of Cluizel’s most famous creations, like "champignons" chocolate mushrooms, "Forestiere" thin nougatine shell with light Praliné paste, etc. 

nougatine in caramel mushrooms

How to maintain the crunchiness of nougatine? 

 For a professionally made nougatine, respect the "Best before date" indicated on the packaging. Keep the confectionery away from humidity and heat in a hermetic glass jar for an optimal conservation. You’re good up to 15 days +. 

Now you know all the insights about Nougatine. 

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