Multi Layered Chocolate

Multi Layered Chocolate

Multi-layered chocolates are a unique and challenging for chocolatiers, offering a symphony of flavors and textures in a single bite. At Manufacture Cluizel, we regularly create 1005 natural ingredients multi-layer chocolate bonbons.

In this blog, we will explore the key elements that contribute to the unique and diverse flavors found in these delightful treats.

l. Chocolate Quality & Filling Ingredients

In creating a multi-layer chocolate bonbon, a Chocolatier, must look at different aspects to create the perfect balance: A High-quality chocolate made from premium cocoa beans will provide a rich, deep, and authentic chocolate flavor. The cocoa content, processing methods, and source of the chocolate can all impact the overall taste. Finally, a Multi-layer chocolate often features ganache, praline paste, fruit puree, caramel, and more.

ll. Layer Composition & Flavor Pairings

The arrangement and order of the layers within the chocolate are also significant. Different layers can complement or contrast each other, creating a harmonious or surprising taste experience. The choice of flavors and pairings in multi-layer chocolates is a creative art. Chocolatiers experiment with various combinations, such as coffee and hazelnut, sweet and tangy fruits, dark or milk chocolate, caramel and sea salt and more These pairings can either enhance each other's flavors or create intriguing contrasts

Cluizel offers

To provide a unique tasting experience, Manufacture Cluizel uses single-estate chocolate to enrobe ganaches and sweet and tangy chocolate fillings

  1. ‘Mangaro’ plantation (Madagascar) chocolate 71% ganache over orange marmalade and decorated with fruit powder.
    Orange marmalade chocolate bonbon
  2. ‘Los Anconès’ plantation (Dominican Republic) chocolate 73% ganache over lemon marmalade and decorated with fruit powder.
    Lemon marmalade chocolate bonbon
  3. ‘ Riachuelo’ plantation (Brazil) chocolate 70% ganache over raspberry marmalade and decorated with raspberry powder.
    Raspberry marmalade chocolate bonbon
  4. Caramel with dark chocolate, almonds and hazelnuts praliné covering a very soft caramel layer with a cocoa powder decoration.
    praline & caramel bonbon

Temperature and Storage

The temperature at which you enjoy multi-layer chocolates can also influence their taste. Some flavors may be more pronounced when the chocolate is slightly warm, while others are better when tasted colder. Proper storage, away from strong odors or temperature fluctuations, is crucial to maintaining taste integrity.

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