Ten Exclusive Chocolate Bars

Ten Exclusive Chocolate Bars

cluizel plantation


We hope that you and your family are in good health.

Our “Single Estate” range is the result of an exclusive partnership between renown cocoa planters and the Manufacture Michel Cluizel. After a thorough research of plantations around the world, we are proud to collaborate with the most exceptional ones.

In our quest of uniqueness & quality, we team up people who share the same & rare love of a pure & noble cacaos. As a result, we crafted together, ten exclusive chocolate bars. Each has unique aromatic notes of cocoa thanks to the characteristics of the land they come from.

To guarantee you the best quality, the Cluizel family established sustainable relationships with each planter. Through a contact based on sustainability, we are committed to respect the cultural and environmental methods of harvest.

Each Cluizel chocolate bar bears the name of the plantation it comes from!

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