Assorted 'Gourmand' Bars, 5

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Gourmet chocolate bars without added flavors thanks to the unique knowledge of the Manufacture Cluizel. Our chocolate bars, like all our products, are certified with our quality commitment of “Noble Ingredients.”
    • Noir 70% Écorces d’Orange - The oranges peels, chosen for their distinctive aroma, fully reveal their delightful tangy notes in this 'award-winning' dark chocolate bar.

    • Noir 70% CafĂ© - High altitudes and the particularly widespread use of organic farming on the plains of Chiapas imbue its coffee beans with rich aromas and a distinctive flavor discernible by true connoisseurs. These are blended into our dark chocolate made from 70% Grand Cru Guayas cocoa from Ecuador, generating notes of roasted cocoa and bringing the taste to an exhilarating vegetal and fruity finish.

    • Noir 70% GruĂ© de Cacao - The flavorful notes of roasted cocoa in our 70% dark Grand Cru Guayas from Ecuador are enhanced by a counterpoint of crunchy, flavourful roasted nibs from the Los Anconès plantation in the Dominican Republic.

    • Grand Lait 45% Éclats Caramel Beurre SalĂ© - The melt-in-your-mouth goodness of 45% cocoa milk chocolate and buttered caramel bits with just a dash of salt is guaranteed to revive sweet and comforting childhood memories.

    • Hazelnuts 45% - A full-bodied harmony between a smooth 48% milk Grand Cru San Martín cocoa from Peru and roasted bits of hazelnuts, releasing sweet, warm flavors on the palate.

      CafĂ© bar 70 g ‱ all other bars 100 g
      (bars may vary from the picture)