The Cluizel Tatse


The one contained in cocoa beans, first of all: chocolate offers more than 300 different taste notes that it is up to chocolate makers to know how to restore. That of his work, then: the CLUIZEL Taste, so unique, the fruit of his know-how. Attached to the authenticity of chocolate, assured that it is sufficient in itself, the Manufacture relies on the terroirs and the know-how of its partner growers, on the talent of Cacaofèviers® and CLUIZEL chocolate artisans and on the 'Noble Ingredients commitment.


CLUIZEL chocolate is defined by its origins. The most famous of the CLUIZEL chocolates are Plantation chocolates.

They are made from cocoa beans all from a single plantation. 

They are thus the fruit of the know-how of passionate planters; these chocolates offer a unique, rich and unified taste, defined in particular by the fermentation process that the beans have undergone.

This reveals itself, after roasting, in an exclusive, characteristic and perfectly controlled aromatic profile. This fermentative aromatic note, impossible to control in a blend chocolate, gives the chocolate these reliefs.

 Like a castle wine, Plantation chocolate restores the taste heritage of its terroir while guaranteeing exemplary traceability.

The Manufacture CLUIZEL is establishing itself as a chocolate maker of pre-excellence at a global level: rewards are raining down, labels and distinctions underlining its incomparable talents.

cluizel roasted cocoa beans 
cluizel chocolate

CLUIZEL chocolate is defined by its quality.

Precious and unique, this chocolate should not be compromised by the addition of aromas which would obscure its refined complexity.

For this reason, the Manufacture CLUIZEL registered in 2000 the label Noble Ingredients. This label, still unmatched today, was entirely developed by the Manufacture and attests to the authenticity of the ingredients used: pure cocoa butter and real bourbon vanilla pods replace the aromas.

Likewise, the Manufacture itself develops its recipes according to the qualitative nomenclature it imposes itself, guaranteeing superior and unprecedented quality at the time of their first application: exclusion of aromas and chemical dyes or of vegetable fat ...

CLUIZEL chocolate is defined by its complexity.

The Manufacture CLUIZEL is not afraid to push taste to its climax. With her dark chocolate Infini 99%, for example, she sculpts her chocolate directly into raw pleasure, into absolute power. With its Plantations chocolates, it honors the terroirs of the whole world and the work of the planters.

Terroir, fermentation process, selected ingredients, adapted roasting process, exclusive recipes… The vectors of CLUIZEL taste are as multiple as they are qualitative: it is authentic and inimitable.

On the palate, CLUIZEL chocolates harmoniously unveil their aromatic profiles: although our palates often do not detect all the subtleties, they are invariably long and generous; it is an invitation to learning.

The cocoa notes are still there, under control; they are the backdrop highlighting all the other flavors concealed. The attack and heart notes, which are never the same, complement each other, magnify each other.

Finally, the lengthening, whatever the chocolate tasted, is voluntary, refined. Sometimes fresh, sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, it lingers nicely and satisfies our unquenchable love of chocolate.