Cluizel Values


To always satisfy lovers of good chocolates, the Manufacture relies on the great values ​​that make its stability: passion, respect and transmission.

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Driven by its passion for gustatory truth, the Manufacture CLUIZEL mobilizes its talents and turns away from uniformity and artifice.

In her eyes, natural chocolate is a rough diamond that just needs to be cut, and there she defends the vision of a chocolate which is defined by the authenticity and the singularity of its taste.

By adapting its working methods and its creative processes to the specificities of the cocoa beans it uses, it defends its virtue and the richness of its essence that it keeps unchanged.

This daily commitment is reflected in each of its innovations, always designed to magnify chocolates without sacrificing them, and in each of its partnerships.

The Manufacture is therefore committed to restoring its independence to chocolate, the sole master of its taste, its shapes and its strength.

For example, it offers lovers of original chocolates bars with aromatic profiles so rich and complex that they supplant the originality of all the others.

With the 300 referenced taste notes that it is able to offer, the Manufacture knows that chocolate is sufficient on its own.

After studying it for a long time, it magnifies what it offers naturally. It expresses its essence.


This respectful passion is intrinsic to a third value that has become, over time, the driving force behind all its initiatives: transmission.

This echoes his respect for traditions. To those honored by the families of farmers who cultivate their cocoa beans first: they have often owned their plantations for several decades and are the best able to cultivate cocoa without compromising its naturalness.

Then to its own family tradition, forged in absolute respect for the original product and with a constant concern for innovation and education. Indeed, this work only has meaning if its fruit is shared.

Just as it is important to it to perpetuate a know-how that it has been perfecting for more than 70 years, the Manufacture wishes to transmit its love of authentic chocolate to those who trust it.

She has given herself the mission of reactivating the Savoir Sensentir of chocolate lovers, just as she has been able to sharpen hers. This Knowing-Feeling is part of a heritage, of an earthly heritage, property of the greatest number, which we must share.

Today, the ambassador of this knowledge is undeniably Taste CLUIZEL.

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