Single Estate Squares, Assorted Dark

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This 400-piece chocolate tasting box is a taste trip through 7 Single-Estate Plantations. Unlike Single-Origin chocolate, which comes from a region, our chocolate comes from a Single cocoa Plantation like a fine wine coming from a single vineyard.

Each dark chocolate square, with its crisp snap, releases tasting notes specific to the Plantation's soil, climate, and cultivating skills of the grower such as; woody and spiced cocoas, dried fruits, sweet peppers, gingerbread, honey, & licorice. Taste why Single-Estate Plantation chocolate is superior.

Cluizel Partner Plantations: ‚ÄėMokaya (Organic) Los AnconeŐÄs (Organic) El JardiŐĀn, Vila Gracinda, Mangaro, La Laguna, and Riachuelo.

4.4 lbs¬†‚Äʬ†400 squares

Ingredients: cocoas, sugar, cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla pod. *May contain traces of milk, nuts, and gluten.

Nutritional Facts:¬†for 100 g: 2418.69 kj / 578.63 kcal - Fat: 42.88 g including saturated fatty acids 26.61 g - Carbohydrates: 43.75 g including sugars 31.87 g - Proteins: 7.84 g - Salt: 0.08 g Store preferably between 16 and 18 ¬į C away from humidity in a cool place.

Once you receive your chocolate, click the image below and experience a 'Guided Single Estate Tasting!'

cluizel chocolate sensorial experience