Chocolate Bars - 8 Assorted Single Estate Plantation

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These 8 award-winning Single Estate Chocolate Bars are made from select cocoa beans from a Single Plantation, unlike Single Origin chocolate that's selected in a particular region. The aromatic taste specific to each bar comes from the soil, climate, fermentation process, and drying skills of each planter. 

  • Plantation Mangaro, 71% cocoa content¬†- Award-winning dark chocolate bar with aromas of exotic fruits¬†and¬†gingerbread.

  • Plantation Mokaya, 75% cocoa content¬†- Award-winning and¬†organic dark chocolate bar with¬†powerful notes of cocoa and fruits,¬†finishing¬†with¬†flavors of dried fruits.

  • Plantation El Jard√≠n, 75% cocoa content¬†- Award-winning dark chocolate bar¬†with notes of honey, redberry, and caramel combined with toasted and peppery notes, with a fresh menthol lingering flavor.

  • Plantation¬†Vila Gracinda, 73% cocoa content¬†-¬†Award-winning dark chocolate bar, born from volcanic and marine soil, offers¬†roasted, spicy, and herbaceous notes with lingering flavors of ripe tropical fruits and licorice sticks.

  • Plantation Los Ancon√®s, 73% cocoa content¬†- Award-winning and organic dark chocolate bar with notes of¬†licorice wood, red berries, and green olives, lingering with dried currants and apricots.

  • Plantation Riachuelo, 70% cocoa content¬†- Dark chocolate bar with harmonious flavors of grilled cocoa, dried fruit, and berries, mingling with bitter-sweet notes, in delicately spiced chocolate and caramel long finish.

  • Plantation Riachuelo, 51% cocoa content¬†- Award-winning milk chocolate bar¬†with¬†a creamy, tender texture, with sweet notes of milk, cream, and caramel, mingling with notes of red fruits and cocoa, with a spicy and fresh lingering flavor.

  • Plantation Mangaro, 50% cocoa content¬†- Milk chocolate bar with notes of caramel, exotic fruits, gingerbread, and honey, with a lingering flavor of sultanas.

    70 grams each
    *Please note that out-of-stock bars may be substituted with other in-stock Plantation bars. 

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Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoas, Bourbon vanilla pod. May contain traces of nuts and gluten.

Energy value for 100 g: 2490.96 kj / 595.92 kcal - Fat: 43.23 g including saturated fatty acids 26.85 g - Carbohydrates: 44.92 g including sugars 40.65 g - Proteins: 7.93 g - Salt: 0.23 g

Store preferably between¬†60 and¬†64 ¬įF, away from humidity.