Chocolate Morsels - Los Ancones, Dark 73%

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The Los Ancones dark organic Plantation chocolate bar is gluten-free and vegan with exceptional notes of licorice wood, red fruits, and green olive. In the heart of the Caribbean, west of San Francisco de Macoris, the Los Anconès Plantation, located in the center of the island and slightly in altitude, benefits from the warm and abundant rains brought by the trade winds. Since 1903, the Rizek family has been cultivating cocoa beans, under the protection of palm trees, without adding pesticides.

6.6 lbs

Tasting notes are licorice, raw cocoa, green olive, raisins and dried apricots. Ingredients: cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter. May contain traces oF nuts, milk, and gluten.

Energy value per 100 g: 2409.77 kj / 576.5 kcal - Fats: 43.74 g of which saturated fatty acids 27.02 g - Carbohydrates: 31.55 g of which sugars 27.33 g - Proteins: 7.74 g - Salt: 0.02 g Store.

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