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Route provides protection for shipments that are lost, broken, or stolen. Add Route to your cart at checkout to enable protection.

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Customer Reviews

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Diana Hutchinson
it works!

The route packaging keeps the chocolate cold and in great shape. It is extremely well packaged. I am impressed by the way it is designed to keep the chocolate cold condition inside.

Hi Diana! Thank you for noticing and thank you for your review! We pack all our chocolate with the same amount of love as we put into making it :)


After buying Cluizel for others, I finally bought some truffles for ME. The chocolate flavor is intense and delicious, and the only downside is trying not to eat all of them too quickly.

Hello Bruce! We're so happy you finally bought some for yourself and love it as much as we do! And we completely understand. Try being around it all day, everyday! :)

Giver of chocolate
Superb chocolate!

That’s what I was told by the recipient of our gift of Michel Cluizel chocolate. And she knows from chocolate!

Hi John! Thank you so much for your kind review and rating. We're so happy to hear Jan enjoyed the chocolate that much :)